PPCRV and amongst other things!

PPCRV and amongst other things!

At Uncle Cheffy last night, my friend and I, after that sweaty dance training we had, talked about a lot of things. Over this yummy ribs with baby potatoes and lettuce, I had a thought that “Catholic/Conscience Vote” had been popularized nowadays because of that implementation of RH bill, which had almost made many Catholics taken aback. The PPCRV was been talking about this and since the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting is neutral, I would say some lay and clergy should not include them in this. Although, this is just a thought. It is through the discretion of every lay member of lay groups that they would promote Catholic Vote. I, myself, promote Conscience Vote and I believe in the power of changing leaders to change the system.

As I was chewing this yummy ribs, it gave me another realization, that it is not too late to change leaders, however late it was for our “immoral” laws being implemented. I guess it is just a matter of time before we all realize that no matter how good the law is, if the leaders are not good, then it will have a downright, downfall.

I had to put down my fork after that reflection……..

Because my friend offered me a pizza.


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