What Inspired Me This Last Day of 2013

Was playing a game with one of my students, Lyan Kyla. And then she posted this as the answer to the game we were playing… 

“Mabait. Pero minsan nakakatakot. Gusto niya yung mga nakakabuti saming lahat. Good listener. Magaling mag advice. :)) Nakakatulala pag siya na yung nagsasalita.  Hindi nagbabago yung tingin sayo kahit pabalik balik ka na sa DUN. Hahaha! Loveyou po! Happy New year!”

In English, it says: Kind, but sometimes scary. She only wants what’s best for everybody. Good listener. Gives great advice. We’re in a trance when she speaks. We will not change our impression of you even if you return THERE. Hahahaha! Love you, happy new year!

That’s how she described me. And since then, after reading her post, I was inspired. I knew that I was doing good in my job in guiding students. Even if I am now a Psychometrician, I will never change guiding these amazing students, the youth of the next generation. Gladly, she posted it on the last day of 2013, because as soon as 2014 sets in, I will be bringing along with me good memories of the past year and throw away the bad ones.

And as I have promised, this will be a section in my book. Thank you dear Lyan Kyla. Cheers to a fruitful 2014!


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