The “Trash Talkers”

At breakfast, on one of the most prestigious coffee shop in the town of Tagaytay, Philippines, my friend saw a post on ‘trash talk”.

With the election fad going on, the one who won the “subject-of-the-trash-talk” award was Nancy Binay, who in turn was elected to be one of the 12 Senators, along with Grace Poe, bagging the top post in the Senate list.

My friend told me that according to his friend, Trash Talk is cheap, very unprofessional, in the end, degrading. But my friend also commented that, trash talk helps in upgrading people’s standards, making the subject of the trash talk vulnerable to change, to see something in him/herself a piece where he or she can prove everybody wrong with what was being trashed at him/her.

Trash talk dates back to Jesus Christ’s life full of wonder in comparison to politics and religion. Jesus Christ Himself, was “trashed talk”, first being, when the people asked Him, “Are You the King of the Jews”, with a hearty laugh that seems very devilish. When in fact He was, actually, the King of the Jews. All the trash talking paved the way to a cruxifiction and had placed Jesus to death, just because he was a “son of a carpenter, preaching the good news and changing lives, changing the rules and saying He is the Son of God.” But did Jesus felt very affected by this? No! In fact He proved them all wrong when now, His name being mentioned to every part of the earth had made every human being change their lives and just a voice blurting out His name can cast away any evil spirit. Jesus Christ founded the Christianity, made history and completed His mission.

Trash talking can disgrace anybody, seems cheap to even join those trash talkers. But I admire people who had been trashed talk. I was been a victim, some of my childhood friends called me “blue baby”, and others even made fun of my physical features before. We, those who have been trashed talk, had risen up, made us susceptible to change, an opportunity to see ourselves as weaklings, who will at the end, reach the finish line because of that “trash talk” as a motivation factor.

It is also an opportunity for us to correct others who do this trash talking. We can regard them as trashers, and we as cleaners. After all, we can sweep away dirt, can’t we? (I’m trash talking, LOL!)


The Beauty of South Island, NZ – Part 3


We could have stayed in Franz Joseph another day and hit the hot springs and just relax, but the prospects of even more beautiful scenery and possible clear skies as we head south made us decide to move on.

The rain seemed unrelenting and under normal circumstances or in any other place, it would have really dampened our spirits for travel. However, the grey muted lighting and lifting clouds in such dramatic landscape made the scenery otherworldly to me. Since my husband did all of the driving, I could really look around and enjoy the multitude of passing streams and bubbling creeks as we drove over them along what seemed like an endless string of one-lane bridges. I marveled at the icy green to turquoise blue of the water rushing beneath us, and I tried to snap the blue-green winding river next to us out the campervan’s window without much…

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My Thoughtful Visits to Buddhism and Christianity

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I made a very conscious reflection on this… 

I visited one of the Buddhist temples in the Philippines, which is the Manila Buddhist Zen Center in Silang, Cavite and was impressed at the scenery and silence of the place. There were also rules that my friends and I cannot walk at the center aisle but on the sides instead. It was funny that while walking on the sidewalk, I was thinking hard about this rule. We approached the main temple and I paid my respects by taking off my shoes and kneeling down and bowing. I also donated some cash in their donation box because we visited the place and for me, it was a way of showing my appreciation to their religion and place of worship. We took pictures (without flash, glad it was a sunny day), one of their rules is that you can take pictures but without flash. This rule also had me thinking. The place was perfect for meditation and I am very amazed at how the place was maintained, well-cleaned and well-preserved.

I am a faithful believer of Catholicism that’s why I had to help my priest friend in promoting his parish, San Isidro Labrador and also I took a picture of one of my visits to my former school, University of Sto, Tomas, their chapel being Santissimo Rosario University Parish. In Roman Catholic practice, we can walk in the center aisle and genuflect to pay respect on the cross of Christ. There were no indications as to turn off the flash in taking pictures but in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, of course, it is your discretion to turn off your flash and focus on the celebration, not to mention, it is strictly prohibited to have your cellphones ringing and buzzing all the time at mass, which for me is a good rule, as cellphones “destroy” your ability to focus.

It had me reflecting…

Buddhism is a religion where practices were based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, their BUDDHA, which is their “awakened one”. It centers on the teaching of the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS, where summarily explains suffering causes and solutions. Buddhist countries are China, Vietnam and South Korea. Formal membership lies on lay principles of the THREE JEWELS: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

Roman Catholicism is part of the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ which is Christianity. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, was made Man, the “Chosen One”. The life of Jesus Christ and His teachings can be found on the FOUR GOSPELS of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which can be referred to in the HOLY BIBLE. Formal membership to being a Roman Catholic will be through Baptism and from then on, through the Sacraments of Confession and Confirmation can one attend the Holy Mass, a rite where the Priest of Christ celebrates. The SEVEN SACRAMENTS are signs of grace which a Catholic can perform as part of the symbol of loving Christ.

The differential aspect of this two religions had me comparing one from the other (just a reflection). Catholic practices now should be well implemented. It saddens to see that some of the youth of today who are Catholic are so engrossed with popularity and are focused on activity-based culture and not on the religion itself. We can see how some are active in church “palaro” or church “meetings” but do not go to mass where the banquet of Christ is being celebrated. Some just walk in the center aisle and do not genuflect at all! One of my friends in Facebook, Stephen Rili, has the same sentiments and he said, “Really disturbing. Yun ngang magandang gawi dati na we acknowledge first the presence of the Blessed Sacrament by making the sign of the Cross or genuflecting before sitting ay pawala na.” (really disturbing. The beautiful practice we acknowledge before, by making the Sign of the Cross and genuflecting before sitting down is now on a decline). In visiting the Buddhist temple, it helped me gain appreciation to the traditional practices of the Catholic Church and it inspires me to let others appreciate it too.

The Roman Catholic is a beautiful religion and just as the Chinese and Korean people continue respecting and practicing Buddhism, we must also change our ways in respecting and practicing Christianity.

Bring back the beauty and power of the Sign of the Cross and genuflection. After all, we love Jesus Christ, don’t we?

Glipho and Instafont


Posted two Instafont app pictures yesterday…

when “Glipho” commented on my Instagram page and told me they like my Tumblr. I was curious so I just decided to research it and found it! 🙂 I was so glad they had to tell me they like my page and this is a blessing for me as a writer…

Anyway, since I am very excited with my projects may it be professional, personal or just for fun, I would like to share to you an amazing app I found on Apple Store and two of those pictures are posted here. I am a “quote” addict and I guess the app is great for me! 🙂

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